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Elevate Your Hiring Process with Minotaur ATS. Streamline candidate screening, enjoy limitless candidate pipelines, and manage tasks efficiently, all in one place. Transform your recruitment today! 

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Built-in Task Manager

Effortlessly assign tasks to your recruitment team members, prioritize each activity, and set definitive deadlines. Our integrated task manager empowers your team to stay on top of their daily responsibilities, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Resume Parsing

Unlock global talent with our advanced resume parsing feature, capable of interpreting resumes in over 50 languages. Streamline your screening process and ensure no candidate is overlooked, regardless of the language their resume is in.

Job Pipeline

Recognizing that the recruitment process is dynamic, our ATS is designed for flexibility. Tailor and adjust the various stages of your recruitment pipeline to fit the unique needs of your ever-evolving hiring process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Candidate Creation

Say goodbye to restrictive candidate creation limits. Our platform supports limitless recruitment, allowing you to create as many candidate profiles as necessary without incurring additional fees. We provide the technology you need to scale your recruitment efforts without boundaries.

Management Reports

Gain a clear and comprehensive overview of your recruitment campaigns with our detailed management reports. Track performance by job, candidate, and client to maintain insight into all critical data points throughout the hiring journey. Make informed decisions and optimize your process with ease.

Candidate Emailing

Send up to 250 emails in bulk per day from each recruiter’s account, up to 5000 per month. Communicating quickly and effectively with your candidates has never been easier.

Seamless integration, effortless workflow
workflow by
connecting all your Job Boards

MINOTAUR ATS seamlessly supports users from various job boards. While direct integrations may vary, you can still automate your candidate acquisition through email alerts and customized solutions. Streamline the application process and attract top talent directly into your system.

We Serve

Our platform is versatile across various industries, including:

Software and Development

Maximize efficiency in your tech talent search with our Multilingual Resume Parsing and Unlimited Candidate Creation features. Streamline development and software project staffing, ensuring you have the right skills on board, regardless of language barriers.

Marketing Agencies

Elevate your creative talent acquisition with Customizable Job Pipelines and Enhanced Built-in Task Managers. Keep your dynamic projects on track and your teams aligned, ensuring seamless execution of marketing campaigns.

Temporary Staffing

Transform your ability to quickly place top talent with Unlimited Candidate Creation and Comprehensive Management Reports. Adapt swiftly to client needs in the fast-paced temporary staffing industry, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Transport and Logistics

Streamline your recruitment process with our Multilingual Resume Parsing and Customizable Job Pipeline features. Keep up with the rapid pace of the transport and logistics sector, ensuring your team is fully staffed with skilled professionals.


Leverage Unlimited Candidate Creation and Enhanced Built-in Task Managers to meet manufacturing demands. Ensure your production lines are staffed with skilled workers and manage tasks efficiently to keep operations running smoothly.


Enhance your hospitality recruitment with our Multilingual Resume Parsing and Customizable Job Pipelines. Create exceptional guest experiences by quickly staffing your team with the right talent, adapting to seasonal demands effortlessly.

Success Story
"Minotaur has significantly streamlined our hiring process, making it more efficient than ever".
Mariannie Garcia
Operations Manager.

Juan Alberto S.

Talent Acquisition Lead

"Great ATS "

Jose P.

Business Development Director

"Minotaur ATS the best applicant tracking system"

Mariana M.

Senior Recruiter

"Minotaur is a wonderful platform that facilitates the work for recruiters."
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Choosing the right recruitment platform can transform the way your business attracts, hires, and retains top talent. Minotaur stands out in the crowded field of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for several compelling reasons. It’s not just a tool; it’s a partner in your recruitment journey, designed to simplify and enhance every step of the hiring process. Here’s why Minotaur is the preferred choice for companies seeking to elevate their recruitment strategy:


We believe that the foundation of a successful recruitment strategy is not just powerful technology, but also exceptional support. That’s why we offer personalized one-on-one onboarding support to all our clients.


Continuous updates based on user feedback, Minotaur is designed with the user in mind, ensuring an intuitive and effective recruitment experience.


With clear, competitive pricing and flexible plans, Minotaur offers exceptional value, ensuring you get the most out of your recruitment budget.

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30 Day Free Trial
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